Janet "Jenny" Luy Lim-Napoles is a Filipino businesswoman who is believed to have masterminded the Priority Development Assistance Fund scam.
Early life
Janet Lim-Napoles was born in Manila, the only daughter among five children born to Johnny Co Lim and Magdalena "Nelly" Lim Luy. She and her family grew up in Binondo until December 1970, when her father died. After her father's death, Magdalena Luy decided to return to her hometown of Maluso, Basilan, where her children attended high school at the local Catholic school run by the Claretians.[1] However, as the security situation in Basilan started to deterioriate, the Lim family moved back to Manila.
Business career and government involvement[edit source]
PDAF scam
Personal life
Napoles is married to Jaime Napoles, a major in the Philippine Marine Corps who participated in the December 1989 coup attempt against Corazon Aquino.[2] Originally a reservist, he later applied for active duty status, and eventually retired from the Marines on December 31, 2004.[3] Together, they have four children: Jo Christine, James, Christian and Jeane.[4] Jo Christine Napoles is the president of the Metro Manila chapter of the OFW Family Club party list,[5] and was the group's third nominee to the House of Representatives until she withdrew her nomination on August 8, 2013.[6] Jeane Napoles, meanwhile, has been heavily criticized in social media for flaunting her lifestyle,[7][8] including, among others, owning a $2 million unit at the Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles while she studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.
( source: wikipedia / Tambayan Philippines/Janet Lim-Napoles)

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